Speaking Topics

“If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God.” 1 Peter 4:11

Lorraine desires first to listen to God—to hear His heart—then to deliver that message to His bride. Her talks, based on God’s Word, are peppered with passion, humor, and practical application. She speaks to women of all ages and denominations—from small groups to stadiums filled with thousands. Most sessions are about an hour in length and can be combined under a common theme for women’s retreat (3 or 4 sessions). Her talks tend to group into four categories; intimacy with God, sexual intimacy, health and hormones, and encouragement for mothers of young children.

Women’s Retreats/Conferencespinery3

Glorious surrender (four 1-hour teaching sessions)

Glorious Surrender is the title of Lorraine’s current theme for women’s retreats. Over the course of the weekend she provides four one-hour talks to help women discover the joy and peace that comes with complete surrender to God. Session 1: Surrender your Shame Session 2: Surrender your Ears Session 3: Surrender your Idols Session 4: Surrender your Future

Intimate Issues (6 hours)

This one-day conference is designed to help women gain God’s perspective of sex. Lorraine answers such questions as:

What does God really think about sex? Is it Okay to be godly AND sensuous? How do I get over the guilt of my past? What role does my mind play in my sexuality? Where do I go to buy a new body? What do I do when I don’t want to do it? Why are men and women so different when it comes to sex? What’s NOT Okay in bed? How do I recapture the passion?

For an expanded version of the conference (Friday evening and all day Saturday) that also addresses the sexual issues that confront single women and includes speakers Linda Dillow and Nancy Abbott go to www.intimateissues.com

Ultimate Intimacy (4 hours)

This can be done in a weekend retreat format or as a one day event. Half the teaching sessions are devoted to discovering intimacy with God while the other half address intimacy with your husband.

God, Can We Talk? (3 hours)

This is usually a Saturday morning event which includes participation and quiet time exercises designed to help women learn how to listen to God. Does God still speak today? If so, how does His voice sound? How do you know that it is Him speaking to you and not some other voice? Lorraine will show you the Problem (why we often fail to hear His voice), the Process (seven ways He speaks to us today), and the Plan (how to hear His voice moment by moment). Teaching is based on Samuel’s call in 1 Sam. 3:1-10.

Intimacy With God

Does God Care About American Idol? (1 hour)

Idolatry is the most frequently discussed subject in the Old Testament, but is idolatry an issue today? In this urgent and relevant message, Lorraine explains why it is imperative that we address the issue of who and what we worship. (Teaching based on 2 Kings 22-23, the life of king Josiah).

Abundant Life (45 minutes)

Oswald Chambers writes: “There is NO condition in which we cannot abide.” But how is it possible to remain at peace when your world falls apart? Or to rest in God when His current plan of action makes no sense to you? Lorraine shares wisdom from her favorite authors/mentors and gives examples from her own life about the struggle of abiding in Christ. She warns that prolonged abiding may result in such joy and inner peace that others may find you annoying! (John 15:1-11.)

Jesus: the Most Important Thing (45 minutes)

Jesus may be your Savior, but is He your Lord? (There IS a difference!) Have you surrendered everything to Him? If not, why? This message challenges women to consider any area of their life in which they have been holding back from God and to surrender all to Him. Includes “Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Jesus” and Lorraine’s personal testimony.

Enjoying a Divine Kiss (1 hour)

Do you long to feel loved? Do you yearn for a deep connection with God and with your husband but you often feel that the pressures of life keep you from enjoying true intimacy? Lorraine unfolds the secrets hidden in the Song of Solomon and uses two verses to explain how the message can inspire you in your spiritual relationship with God, and in your physical relationship with your husband. Discover the joy that comes when you, as a woman, receive–and give–a divine kiss. Great talk for a Valentine’s Day event

Sexuality Intimacy

What’s the Big Deal about Sex? (1 hour)

Why must every TV show, newspaper and magazine go on and on about sex? Why are many of life’s most painful situations connected with sex? Why have sexual morals eroded so quickly in recent years? Lorraine offers thought provoking insights and explains why the battle over sex in our culture will likely only intensify in the coming years. Understanding God’s perspective of sex will better equip you to live in our sex saturated society.

How Do I get Over the Guilt of My Past? (1 hour)

Many women cannot enjoy sex with their husbands because they are constrained by chains of guilt from their past. Lorraine shares openly about her past, the pain and failure, and how God’s Word and Spirit set her free. Teaching based on Luke 7:36-48

How Can I Recapture the Passion? (1 hour)

What do you do when sex with your husband has become ho-hum, or you have no desire at all? How can I return to the joy of “first love” with my husband? In this talk, Lorraine helps women examine their attitudes and actions, then offers suggestions for how to put the sizzle back in sex.

Do Sexuality and Spirituality Go Together? (1 hour)

Lorraine shares why women tend to separate their sexuality and their spirituality and explains from Scripture how God meant the two to be intertwined. She also answers the question, “How can I be godly and sensuous…or am I even suppose to be that?” God’s wisdom for wives taken from the Song of Solomon will likely surprise and amaze you!

PMS and Peri-menopause

The following talks are based on Lorraine’s book, Jump Off the Hormone Swing (by, ha! Moody Publishers)

Hormones: A blessing or a curse? (1 hour)

With humor and wisdom Lorraine offers practical help to ease the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of PMS and peri-menopause. A creative drama helps women understand the moods of a monthly cycle and how estrogen, progesterone, and xenoestrogens influence a woman’s health and emotions. Personal sharing about her own mistakes and what she’d do different, as well as the insight gathered from the 1500 women she surveyed, will encourage any woman who suddenly has a desire during certain times of the month to dip everything in chocolate.

Jump Off the Hormone Swing (1 hour)

Lorraine addresses the subject no one else talks about—the spiritual symptoms of PMS and peri-menopause. Through drama and Scripture she explains why a woman often feels at war with her body and what can be done about it. Discover some of the benefits of PMS (yes, there are benefits) and the special way that God loves His hormonally whacked-out women.

MOPS talks

 God Help Me in the Midst of My Mess (50 minutes)

Are you frustrated by the endless nose-wiping, floor-sweeping, diaper-changing duties of being a mom? Do you long to escape your mundane chores and, instead, do important work for God? Lorraine offers practical help on managing the messes in your home and the messes in your heart, and shows why being a mom is one of God’s most high and noble callings.

Five Simple Truths for a Terrific Marriage (50 minutes)

Marriage issues are often complex, but simple solutions can be found if women understand how to apply to their marriage the same principles they teach their kids:

Hold hands when you cross the street Don’t talk with your mouth full Share Pay attention Say your prayers

How Do I Make Love With Kids Wrapped Around My Knees? (50 minutes)

Based on her surveys of over 1,500 women, Lorraine answers frankly, humorously and biblically the five most frequently asked questions about sex by moms with young children. This talk will cause you to laugh, challenge you to think, and inspire you to be the wife and lover to your husband that God wants you to be.

Jump Off the Hormone Swing (50 minutes)

When you are pregnant, the swing of your hormones can cause you to go from Gumby to Godzilla in the blink of an eye. Learn how estrogen, progesterone and xenoestrogens affect your mood and your mind and what you can do to keep yourself, and your family, at peace. Learn how to make smart choices concerning the products you use and the foods you eat so you can keep your health, and your family’s health, at an optimum level.

 Encouragement for Writers

Seven Secrets Every Writer Must Know (1.5 hours)

Lorraine shares seven secrets that cover everything from methods to marketing to motivation. These secrets are the culmination of her thirty-five years experience in public relations, marketing, and writing. Lorraine also helps each writer identify his/her “writing mindset” and determine how to break through obstacles by moving from a “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset.”