Jump Off the Hormone Swing Video Series

THE PERFECT BIBLE STUDY PACKAGE. Ten short videos (between 7 – 10 minutes each) supplement the 10-week Bible study in the back of Jump Off the Hormone Swing.

DVD only: $19.99

Our Price $12.99



  1. Tracey Lee Gunter Reply
    Hi , I heard you on focus on the family this morning on our local Christian radio station, I was so blown away cos everything that you were saying made so much sense.. I was truly blessed, Thank you. I am definitely going to purchase your book/DVD combo at our local Christian book store. Love Tracey.
    • admin Reply
      Thanks for your encouraging note, Tracey. Yes, for many of us, the hormone swing is a great challenge. But I am ever so grateful that God used my "swing" to force me to depend upon Him and to learn more about how He created this amazing body! Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made and every day we must choose to praise Him about that! Blessings to you, and thanks again for writing.

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