Jump Off the Hormone Swing

Finally, a humorous, honest book backed by solid research that offers insight to ease the physical, mental, and spiritual symptoms of PMS and perimenopause. Lorraine’s Physical, Mental and Spiritual “aha’s” will propel you from being a little wow (wacked-out-woman) to becoming a big WOW (Woman of Worship). Learn the ten (yes, TEN) benefits of PMS and perimenopause. Discover coping strategies and practical help from a “been there” woman and from over 1,500 women that Lorraine interviewed. Includes a 10 week Bible study with companion on-line videos. (CLICK HERE to read what other women are saying)

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  1. Glenda Casasempere Reply
    Hi Lorraine, I live in Canada and I am wondering how to order your book. Is it available at bookstores? I am enjoying your video clips and I have struggled with hormones for 10 years. I would love to share this book with my mom's group(we already did Intimate Issues and loved it!) Glenda
  2. Katrina Reply
    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for creating this book! I'm so excited to start (as soon as I buy it) I'm dealing with major hormonal issues due to quitting breast feeding and my hormones being still whacked out from post partum. I've been under serious spiritual attack as well and I am just so excited to start this bible study as soon as I can.
    • admin Reply
      Hi Katrina. Oh yes, I understand why your hormones feel wacked-out! Did you know that when you are pregnant your estrogen levels go up 100 times their normal level? And your progesterone levels are ten times higher than normal? This is wonderful, because those hormones help develop your precious baby, but the withdrawal after the baby arrives can cause some women to fly through some serious mood swings. Anyway, I pray God gives you some encouragement, instruction, and practical help through the book. Blessings to you!
      • Katrina Reply
        Thank you so much! I'm actually trying to get a group together to do this As a group bible study start Monday. Would you mind emailing me at trina@sunflowersonthehill.com ? I can't find a way to contact you and I have some questions. I will also be blabbing on my blog about this book :-)
  3. Judie Reply
    Hi Lorraine, I'm 37 and I love the Lord and love how He used you to send this message to women. I recently heard you on the Focus on the Family show and was so wowed and thankful the Lord allowed me to hear the show. He again give me hope that He is tranforming me and making more into His image, despite the lies I believed the enemy wanted me to have especially when experiencing PMS. I was so encouraged by your testimony. Thanks for surrendering to the Lord, enough for Him to use you today to encourage so many women for His glory. I will be ordering the book I can't wait to get it. I too have two daughters and now I am even more hopeful for them that they can learn and not have to make some of mistakes or believe lies I believed the enemy threw at me during this season of my life. Thank you so much for your witness! God bless you.
    • admin Reply
      Judie, thanks so much for taking time to write me and encourage me. That means so much to me. I pray for you today, that our mighty God will strengthen you in the core of your being, that His TRUTH will trump every LIE of the enemy. I ask Him to give you wisdom as you teach your daughters. Be blessed--you are a daughter of the King and He loves you very much.

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