Gift-Wrapped by God Excerpt

Excerpt from Gift-Wrapped by God by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus

Chapter 6

For This He Died

Two lines of women snaked around the chairs to the back of the church wanting to share their hearts with us after an Intimate Issues conference.
Linda: The line of women waiting for their books to be signed snaked around the chairs to the back of the church. As Jen handed me her book, she gushed, “I’m getting married in a month. I can hardly wait to apply everything I’ve learned!”
Next in line was Jen’s friend, Kate. While Jen’s face looked up, filled with joy, Kate’s looked down, streaked with tears. What a contrast. Two brides-to-be, one jubilant, the other downcast.
“I’m getting married in two months,” Kate sobbed.
“Have you made wrong choices?” I asked. Her head bobbed up and down. “Has your fiancée forgiven you?” Again a bobbing head said, “Yes.”
Taking Kate’s face in my hands, I looked deeply into her eyes and said:
“It is for this that Jesus died.”
Lorraine: While Linda was comforting Kate, I was with Maggie, who was shaking so violently I thought at first she might be having a seizure. I held her tightly to still the tremors. So softly I could barely hear, Maggie struggled just to get the words out, “I’ve … had … an abortion. I … killed …my own child…. How could I do such an evil thing?” The river of her tears wet my blouse as regret streamed out her eyes. “I’ve never told another Christian woman what I did; I’m too ashamed.”
Hugging her, I whispered, “Well now you’ve told a Christian woman and this Christian woman says to you:
“It is for this that Jesus died.
“Maggie, Maggie, Jesus died for the little sins we commit every day—the hurtful words, the selfish attitudes—but He also died for your abortion. Do you believe this?”
Linda: Next in my line was Laney. Laney didn’t—couldn’t–talk. She could only point and weep. Opening her copy of Intimate Issues to Chapter Fourteen, she trembled as she pointed to the words sexual abuse. Quietly, I asked, “Was it your father?” She nodded. “And did this set you on a path of destruction where you later made wrong sexual choices?” Again, a nod in between sobs. Enveloping this precious young woman in my arms, I held her and rocked back and forth. “Oh, Laney, God weeps with you. I weep with you,” I said. “Your pain is so deep. Oh, Laney, I’m so sorry. But listen! God can redeem even this. I have seen Him do it. He can do it for you!
It is for this that Jesus died.”

To all the Kates who have made wrong choices. To all the Maggies who silently shoulder the burden of hidden sin. To all the Laneys who were victims of sexual abuse who later became promiscuous we say, Listen. Listen Carefully!
Jesus died for ALL sin.

Discover compelling emotional, physical and spiritual reasons for choosing God’s path of sexual purity and practical ways to make this happen. This book is for every woman who wants to protect her sexual purity—or reclaim it.